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how to make Secret Barbecue Sauce Recipe

Barbecue Pork Spareribs Secret Recipe for real resturant
My restaurant guests count this restaurant recipe for pork spareribs as one of their favorite restaurant recipes ...but ...not for lunch. Why do you suppose? My Barbecue Spareribs are a two or three napkin meal! People like to "dig in" but don't want to risk getting messy at lunch. For dinner, when they can return home and not go back to work or where ever, they devour these ribs. I have three different methods for cooking the spareribs described on this page. Just select the method that is most convenient for you. The ribs will be great regardless of what method you choose. The real secret to this recipe is actually the barbecue sauce recipe.
Pork Spareribs Recipe
With Secret Restaurant Recipe for Barbecue Sauce
Preparation time; 20 minutes. 3-4 servings.
Cooking Conversion Table
3 pounds pork spareribs, cut into two rib pieces
Salt and black pepper
1 quart of my secret barbecue sauce
Instructions: Oven Method
Salt and pepper the ribs Place the ribs in a roasting pan with inside of ribs down Place the ribs in a 300 degree F oven until browned (about 1 hour) Drain fat from pan Spoon about 1 cup of the sauce over the ribs to coat them with a thin layer Turn the ribs over and coat with more sauce Bake 45 minutes Turn and coat the ribs with the remaining sauce Bake until tender (about 40-60 minutes more)
Instructions: Slow Cooker Method (Crock Pot):
Salt and pepper the ribs Brown the ribs in a skillet over medium low heat Pour enough sauce in the crock pot to cover the bottom Put one layer of ribs in the cooker and pour a thin layer of sauce over the ribs Put one more layer of ribs in the cooker and pour a thin layer over those Continue layering until all the ribs are in the cooker Pour remaining sauce over the ribs Cook on high heat for one hour Turn heat down to low and cook about 6 hours or until very tender
Instructions: Boiling
(Spareribs are sometimes boiled and it does speed up the cooking time) Place the ribs in a large stock pot and cover with boiling water Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 30-45 minutes or until the ribs are tender Drain and place ribs in a shallow or low roasting pan Pour my secret barbecue sauce over the ribs, cover and refrigerate for 2 hours Drain excess sauce into a bowl (do not leave excess sauce on the ribs or they may burn while grilling Grill ribs for 30 minutes, basting with the sauce frequently the last 15 minutes of cooking TA-DA! That's it. Now you and your family can enjoy these wonderful pork spareribs – go ahead, use your fingers, just have extra napkins handy.

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