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Scallop Pasta (Linguine) Top Secret

Scallop Pasta (Linguine) Top Secret Restaurant Recipe                         The sea scallop is the largest of the scallops. This sc...
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HOW To make Granola Breakfast Recipe

Granola Restaurant Recipe Saves the Day! Use my Granola Recipe to make a really great tasting and nutritious breakfast. It’s perfect...
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What IS the secret ingredient?

This Bran Muffin Recipe is one of the few recipes that I’ve tried everything! What IS the secret ingredient?  Check out the recipe. ...
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a verry deliciouse BISCUITS!

Taste my Restaurant’s Buttermilk Biscuit! You’ll have to agree... It's “Homemade!” My restaurant recipe for buttermilk biscuits cre...
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how to create Recipe for Cornbread

My traditional cornbread restaurant recipe takes me back to my childhood days with my mother making cornbread and chili. The aromas wer...
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how to make Traditional Chili Recipe

This page features a restaurant recipe for traditional chili that I have used successfully with my customers for over two decades. ...
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